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Helical Piers

Contractors and engineers have been using helical piers and helical piles in foundation repairs for many years. They are used to stabilize your shifting and sagging home. They were used mainly in lighthouse foundation repairs and were originally made with a wooden shaft and iron helix. Today we see helical piers being used in almost every foundation repair. They are one of the two most common designs for structural piering repairs in homes. They are the most sought-after choice when a repair for stabilization of a light structural load is present. They are also used in unstable rock foundations and when very deep load bearing strata are present.

The helical piers can be installed year-round with the type of installation process that we use, and only requires small equipment, so we will not be causing as much disturbance to your home and its surroundings. We find the best way to approach the problem to install your helical piers and take our time to cautiously map out the area. We mechanically install the piers by screwing them deep into the soil. We assure optimum capacity by closely monitoring the installation. Once we have the piers at their capacity location, we will install and attach an underpinning steel foundation bracket to them. The weight of your home is transferred onto the piers in a carefully maneuvered switch, and then onto the soils below. This will ensure no future sagging and shifting of your home and give the possibility of your home being lifted to its original building position.

Helical piers are also called helical piles.


These helical piles are driven deep into the ground through the unstable soil layers until they reach a more solid soil layer. Each helical pile is individually load-tested. After load testing, the entire weight of the structure is lifted onto these helical piles using hydraulic jacks. There are many advantages of using helical piles for foundation repair, such as:

  • Ease of installation

  • Can be installed in any weather conditions

  • Little to no vibration

  • Little to no disturbance to the job site

  • Installs below active soils

  • Immediate load transfer upon installation

Helical piles are ideal for resisting tension, compressive force, or both applications.

Call us today and let’s get started getting your home and foundation back to square one!

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