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Custom Cabinetry

The Right Choice in Cabinets


At KMF Construction, we craft any custom cabinet to match the style, size, shape, wood, color, and finish you want. We work with a variety of high-quality veneers and natural woods that accent any custom kitchen, bathroom vanity, entertainment center, display, or office desk. Our custom countertops, cabinets, fixtures, wall units, and built-ins enhance the look and feel of any space and are built to last a lifetime.

What is a Cabinet?

Simply put, a cabinet serves as a space to contain things, and there are endless possibilities of form and function for the four pieces of wood that make up a cabinet! KMF Construction combines the best options in beauty and space maximization in our design, fabrication, and installation services. Our dedicated professional team will guide and assist you in choosing from a wide selection of materials.


Custom Fabrication Services

We offer a full line of customized fabrication services for commercial and residential millwork, including:

  • Custom Cabinetry

  • Custom Home & Office Furnishings

  • Mouldings

  • Interior Doors

  • Entertainment Centers

  • Architectural Panels

  • Metal

  • Glass

  • Plastics

  • Stone

  • Solid Surfaces


Your vision for your space is where we begin. We will pair you with a cabinet artisan who ensures that your finished product is more than just appealing to the eye. We strive to create economic, functional solutions that are perfectly suited to your needs - you are the one who will use them daily.


KMF Construction knows that a solid design is the best start. We have the experience, skills, and patience to transform an idea from paper to a finished product. We are also unwavering in our commitment to using only high-quality products.


After our craftsmen have designed and built the best cabinets, the final measure of our excellent service comes during the installation process. In this crucial stage of the project, our trained team of technicians guarantees professional and expert installation. Each team uses the utmost care and precision to install the finished product, as they know the specifics of your design plan.

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